Fees for non NHS work

Rolle Medical partnership private and professional fees chargeable for services that are not covered by the NHS.
Revised July 2019

Fees for these services are to be paid for in advance.


Certificate and forms

  • Private letter or simple certificate – 'To Whom it May Concern': £15.00
  • Freedom from infection: £20.00
  • Holiday cancellation form / Travel insurance form: £40.00
  • Shotgun licence – in accordance with Devon Local Medical Committee guidance, we do not provide this service for patients: n/a
  • Fitness for sport: From £25.00
  • Participation in Charity Event - medical clearance: £10.00

Insurance reports

  • Full Report for Insurance Company – with or without examination: £104.00
  • Targeted Report for Insurance Company for specific medical condition: £80.00
  • Supplementary Report for Insurance Company: £27.00

Private medical examinations

  • Taxi Medical: £80.00
  • Occupational Health or Employment Medical: £80.00
  • Boatman Medical: £80.00

Reports for Solicitors

  • Power of Attorney/Court of Protection Examination & Report: £175.00
  • Power of Attorney/Court of Protection Witness Report: £25.00
  • Full Medical Report: £120.00
  • Short Medical Report: £60.00
  • CAPACITY ASSESSMENT: Price on application


Private Vaccinations for travel or occupation

  • We are unable to offer private vaccines. Patients will need to contact private travel clinic to have these administered.

 Private blood and other tests

  • The practice will establish the cost of the test(s) from the Laboratory, the patient informed and the fee paid in advance. A copy of the invoice will be given to the patient when the practice is charged: To be established
  • Please note that consultations and subsequent tests with Specialist Consultants undertaken privately may not be eligible under the NHS. Charges applied for blood and other tests to the Practice will be passed on to patients.
  • There is a fee chargeable for the clinician to perform the test of: £30.00