How our new appointment system works

We have changed our appointment system so that we hold an Emergency Clinic every day for emergency appointments.

The Emergency Duty team consist of 4 GP’s, a paramedic, a pharmacist, nurse prescribers and General Practitioner Assistants. The booking team will advise you whether the appointment will be in the morning or afternoon and the GP will ring sometime in am or pm.  We are unable to give a specific time due to the emergency nature of the clinic, some patients are usually very ill and sometimes need additional time to organise ambulances for hospital admissions or the emergency doctor may ask the person to come into the surgery for a face to face appointment.

  • Routine GP and nurse appointments are available.  We are currently booking two weeks ahead but this can sometimes be longer, for instance when demand increases after a bank holiday.
  • Patient continuity is important and we built continuity appointments into the system so that the doctors are able to book appointments for their patients for follow up appointments if they decide it is needed.
  • We have had some new GP’s commence with us and we are currently reviewing the GP patient lists so that all patients have a named doctor.  This work will be completed within the next two weeks.
  • Patient and staff safety,  quality and patient continuity is important to us.
  • All our teams work very hard and I ask that you treat our staff with kindness and respect.   Our staff have been faced with a high level of abuse recently from patients,  this has been verbally and some threatening physical abuse.
  • We have a zero tolerance in relation to any abuse.
  • We request that you please remember that our staff are there to help you and to please treat them with the respect everyone deserves.

Thank you for supporting our surgery and if you have any feedback please do contact us

Published: May 16, 2024