What is a Summary Care Record (SCR)?

Your SCR is a short electronic summary of your GP medical records. It contains information including your current medication, allergies, adverse medication reactions and discontinued medication up to 6 months.

The aim of the SCR is to increase your safety as patients can sometimes overlook things that are important to their health. The SCR enables healthcare professionals to ensure that no essential information has been missed when your... need health care away from your usual doctor’s surgery in care settings such as:

*In an emergency,
*When you are in hospital
*When your surgery is closed
*At out-patient clinics
* Walk in centres
*When you visit a pharmacy

How Do Healthcare Professionals Access My Summary Care Record?

When you arrive for treatment the healthcare professional will ask for permission to access your information, if you are unhappy you can say no at this stage. This would only be ignored if you were unable to communicate, or if it was a court protection matter.

Access to your SCR is strictly controlled. The only people who can see the information will be the healthcare staff directly involved in your care who have a special smartcard and access number (like a chip-and-pin credit card).

New patients registering at the practice will be given the option on the new patient registration pack to opt in. Patients who are already registered at Rolle can complete a form to opt into the SCR and the new advanced SCR

Opting Out

SCRs improve care, but if you don’t want to have one you can opt out. Tell your GP or fill in an SCR opt-out form and give it to your GP practice.

Advanced Summary Care Record

Recently, the advanced SCR been made available. Patients can now opt in to a more extensive SCR called the Advanced or Enhanced Summary Care Record. This is similar to the SCR but contains additional information from your GP records such as:

*Significant medical history (past and present)
*Reason for medication
*Anticipatory care information or Advance directives (such as information about the management of long term conditions)
*Communication preferences
*End of life care information

No other information will be available to NHS partners apart from those listed above.

We need your consent before the Advanced SCR can be enabled from your GP records. We would therefore be grateful if you could contact reception to get a form if you would like this information to be available outside of your GP Surgery. Thank you



Published: Nov 21, 2019